Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Homemade Cooking Spray.

So, I've decided that i'm not paying $4.00 for a can of Pam cooking spray anymore, that got me doing research and found many blogs that have made homemade cooking spray themselves. It's only 2 things you need from your pantry. These 2.
I only did a 1/2 cup of oil to start and I used 1 1/2 cup water. I plan to keep it in the fridge as well to keep it fresh. Just give it a shake and I should be good to go. :-) This is now what I have instead of buying a can of Pam.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Homemade Paper Towels

Oh, pinterest, you've got me again. We go threw paper towels like they are water here. We can easily go threw a roll in 2 days, so as I was browing pinterest, I saw this and thought to myself, how hard can those be to make? They look pretty easy, we have a lot of washcloths that I can use up and so, these are my next project. :-) I'll let you know how it turns out.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Why, yes, I stalk pinterest daily..

and thought that I can make these and did. They were pretty easy and I got the 1 together pretty quick. Got the hardware and wooden dowels from Lowes and I'm pretty sure that for that 1 book case, it cost me about 15.00 total to make. I like it, and it's hanging up in Gavin's room now. He will need another one since he has so many books but, they are pretty cheap and easy way to store all of his books. I just have to cut the dowel rods to make them a little shorter.
and, since he's starting pre-k in another 2 weeks, he needs a blanket and pillow for school, so I grabbed some fabric to make that too.. the feeling of this blanket makes me want to snuggle up and take a nap with him. :-)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Long overdue update..

So many updates in such a short few months... We have moved from California, moved to Michigan, got a new job, and now we live in Maryland, where we plan to settle for good! So, with that being said, lets start from the beginning. In October of 2011, we knew that N would be getting out of the Navy. The life that we had known was about to be thrown for a loop. We didn't have a strong plan of action set up, we thought that we'd always just go where the Navy told us to go. He didn't have a job lined up, no place to call "home". So, then we decided that since his mom isn't doing too well, that we'd go to Michigan, in hopes for him to find a decent job, and a house to buy. Well, we found neither. He looked and looked for months to find a job, then we decided together that we would expand our options and look out of Michigan. That's when he got a really good job offer with a great company, but, the thing was was that the job offer was in Maryland. We knew that if he got this job, that we would move, no questions asked, since it's with a really good company. So, that lands us here, in Maryland. We both really like it here, it's hard being away from both sides of our family, but, we have to do what's best for us and our family. So, as soon as we got here and got into the hotel, we knew that we'd look into buying a house. We felt like paying rent we were just "throwing" our money away, and we both hated that feeling!! We are now in the pre-settlement phase of our home and we both LOVE it. We close in a couple more days and we can't wait to get it fully set up to just the way we both like it.
Since we've been here in MD, I've had my family come for a visit. The visit went by too fast for me and I miss them already!
I hate seeing my family go. We are planning on going to visit for Christmas, if everything falls into place. :-) We went to Washington, D.C and Baltimore and had a great time with both. Crazy, but, great! ;-) For now, I've got the oldest up and wanting snack.. :-)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012, already? Where did 2011 go?

So, here it is. 2012 already. The last year has flown by.

We have a 4 year old and a 18 month old, already! I can't believe that this year, my sweet little boy who it just seemed like had his birthday will be 2. Really, 2. They are growing up on us.

Here's our sweet 18 month old boy, T. He is really starting to talk as well, he's got go, kitty, bu (for buzz lightyear). I know there's more that he says, but, that's all for right now. He's very persistant on not trying new foods, hates veggies and fruit, does not like chicken nuggets. He's a sweets kid for sure!

Then here's our G, our sweet big boy, who's 4 already. He is really starting to love Spiderman and Batman. Finally we are slowly getting over his Cars obsession...

We rescued a dog, a basset hound, Bella from the pound this year too. She's made our life interesting for sure!

Then shortly after that, we got a kitten, Sweets. She's our handful and so frisky all the time.

In October of 2011, we found out that we are getting out of the Navy. While we are excited to be starting our new journey, it's also a nervous process. We have decided to move to Michigan, near N's family. We plan to buy our first house. Our boy is starting kindergarten and our other will be in a tot school. Where is time going, really? Can it slow down just a little? I want to keep my boys little.

We just found out as well that we are expecting a new niece or nephew as well, baby is due to arrive around September time frame. We are just praying for the family as they are having some hard times right now. This will make 4 nephews, 1 niece. Lets hope this new baby is a girl. We need some more girl power in our family!

That's all for now, now, it's quiet time for my kids. Phew! ;-)

Saturday, February 26, 2011


I've had to go private for these reasons I'm about to tell. We are not embarrassed by what has come to our family, but, more so want to protect our sweet 3 year old boy from harsh comments, or rude looks.

We have had some behavioral issues from him for about 2 years. What we thought he'd grow out of he hasn't yet. What we thought he'd change, he hasn't yet.

So, when we first moved back to San Diego, I made an appointment with his pediatrician to get him seen to get a referral for speech therapy, while we were in there, she said that she wanted him to get a full evaluation since he had been in speech therapy since he was 14 months old. No big deal. She assured me that it was a the best children's hospital in southern California. I was ok with that. It took us about 4 months waiting, but, we made it. We went there. Going in to that day, I kept thinking, it's just behavioral and I kept telling myself that over and over. You always want to expect the worse for these type of appointments and hope for the best. So, after about 5 hours in there, we got the results, results that I didn't want to hear or ever deal with. He has Autism. There, I said it. I hate that my child now has a "label" on him, I hate that he could have to go to a "special school". We don't know how severe it is yet since we are waiting for the full report back which could take about 10-14 days. For my peace of mind, I hope it comes a lot sooner. She did say that it was mild, but, what mild is to me and what mild is to a Dr. leaves me with questions.

So, that puts us at another huge issue for us right now. It could affect our orders, it could not. We could get our orders from Lemoore, CA pulled from us and have to renegotiate and start all over again. Depending on the category (the categories go from 1-5) that the Navy puts him in depends on if our orders get messed with. This is all happening when we are supposed to move in 3 weeks. So, in 1 day, our whole life has been turned upside down and we now face more challenges than we ever thought we'd have to face. We will do whatever we have to do to get our son the best care that he can get. If that means staying here for 4 years, then we'll do it.

Then we've been told to put him on a gluten-free diet. So, along with the behavior issues we are having, I'm hearing a 3 year old boy beg for a sugar free popsicle and say mama, please can I have a popsicle. I hate having to tell him no that he can't have that because it's got added dyes in it that he can't have. I know he does not understand what's going on, his whole little world was just changed 100%. He can have fruit, so I believe he's semi-happy.

So, please bear with me, if I come off snippy at you, I'm so sorry, please don't take it personal. It's been a really rough week around here, along with Nick being out to sea for 2 weeks, he wasn't able to go with me, so I don't have my support here to give me a huge big hug. I had to leave the appointment by myself with our 2 boys and drive home by myself and hold back tears and have my sweet little boy tell me when I can go at a red light and when I have to stop or tell me over and over what shape the stop sign is.

He really is the sweetest little guy ever, he loves his mama so much, well, maybe his cars and trains a little more, but, still. We know we have a long road ahead of us, we're prepared to fight for our little guy so much and do whatever it takes to make him better.

While we thought that the obsession with cars and trains was normal, it's not. While we thought the repetitive was annoying, he can't help it. I always wondered why he'd look at headlights when I turn our car alarm off or on, or why he'd lay down to look at the wheels on his car. My sister likes to call him "forest gump" since he runs everywhere, and I call him " a little bunny" since he likes to hop too, now, we know, he just can't help it. So much now, comes to light..

So, there you have it. It's a rough road. I hate being so far away from my family & friends when I need them the most. I hate that my mom lives 3000 miles away from me and I hate that I have to see all my nephews grow up in pictures of videos online. I swear, anyone military can tell you that it's hard sometimes being in this position. I wouldn't trade it for the world though, I have a amazing husband who takes great care of us.

There has to be good news soon, right?? Sigh!! :-(

Also, please, we are NOT posting ANYTHING to Facebook about this. The people who I invited to read my blog, I do trust NOT to judge us or label him. We just need huge support.

I hope that everyone's week is going much better than ours..