Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We are so excited..

for all that this month has in store for us.

Nick will be able to come home sometime this month, I can't say when, but, i'm so excited to see him. It's just so soon that he'll be home. He'll only be home for a week, but, i'm looking forward to it and I know that he's looking forward to see us.

Then, one of my very good friends, Kristin, will be in town to see her parents, so we'll be hanging out for the day to grab some lunch and it'll be great to see her.

Then, I have my mom, sister, and nephew coming too. And, they will be here for 3 weeks. We have plenty of stuff planned to keep us busy.

Gavin has been dong great in school, I went in today to pick him up and he was playing "Peek a boo" with another one of the little girls in there, and he just has great days there, and I enjoy my small freedom.

For now, I must head to bed. I'm exhausted and need sleep. Gavin's been waking up pretty early around here..

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  1. How exciting! Enjoy the visit with your hubs! :)