Sunday, July 19, 2009

52 Weeks? Can I fufill it?

Forever In Blue Jeans

********************52 Weeks********************

Weeks is a year long challenge for YOU to be in a picture once a week for 52 weeks. We are always the ones behind the camera, this is YOUR chance to get out in front and be in the pictures with our family. We are glad you are joining this challenge. More importantly your family will really enjoy having you in the picture. Thanks for playing along! Oh, you can just jump in now with 1 of 52, you're not getting off that easy! Now go take a picture!


Starting tomorrow (since G is sleeping), I will be doing this..

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  1. HUmmm ... Im starting to think you lied in this post >>> Either that or I have no clue how to manuever around these things . THis stuff is complicated .. Now I know what you spend your time doing. >... LOL...