Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Long Day..

So, today, I met up with my Aunt who is in town from Idaho. Gavin and I headed out there after an appointment that he had. We had a good time. Her friend had horses and they were so pretty and Gavin didn't even get scared. I was proud of him. We hung out there until I knew traffic would start and then headed home. He even did great on a 45 minute nap all day, hardly any tears!

I've had a good time this week hanging out with Gavin, he met a "little" friend and we go over there a couple times a week and he plays with the train table and the kids just hang out while I get my "mommy to mommy" time in. I am also in some mommy groups and we are always busy doing something, so we stay busy!

We are in double digits for N's return and are so excited!! I've started a "welcome home" banner that I still have to paint and let Gavin paint on it, so we are just counting down the days until we know that they all arrive safely.


  1. Hey Joann, pleeease send me an email ( ... I lost all my original requests. I have two weeks off and if I get your email by tomorrow I can get on yours then. :D

  2. So you did go see your aunt when she visited ?? Thats cool ... I didnt know that ... well.. anyways.. IM gonna try to get back to figuring this thing out .. LOL.