Friday, August 7, 2009

For the sake of my husband, child, and myself...

I had to go private. I can't risk something happening to N, G, or myself over a blog being public. If I've sent you a request, then you must be special.. (just kidding), but, with us being military and reading a link on the internet about a child being set up for a fake adoption scam scares the crap out of me.. so if your wondering why you got an invite, that's why.

Other news!! I can finally say that N will be home NEXT month!! This past 5 months have seemed to drag on, but, I have made some pretty good friends here and I am starting to like it, I believe that when N is home, i'll like it more, we can actually go and "explore" all that San Diego really has.

I did get to talk to N yesterday and today while he is in port. Even though I'm going to hate paying the cell phone bill, every second of talking to him didn't even matter of the cost, just hearing his voice and knowing that he's ok, makes it all worth it. G got to talk to his daddy and that's what matters the most!! We are all looking forward to homecoming!! We are so excited, some wouldn't even understand. I knew coming into being a military wife meant standing by him, but, I just wish that the deployments weren't for 6 months.. I just can't imagine having a child or in labor without him.. that's what makes me worry about us having another child. But... baby #2 has been in the works.. so stay tuned for the next couple months, you never know.. whatever God has in store for us will happen. We both believe that.

For now, it's my bed time. I have a toddler who has been going crazy with tempers lately and it's exhausting, very exhausting.

I do have pictures, so I'll try to get those up tomorrow.

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