Monday, August 31, 2009

We are 2 weeks away..

from him being home!! I am doing my grocery shopping tomorrow for the last time for me and G. I talked to him yesterday and today on the phone and it was the best. It seems that I take talking to him on the phone for granted when I can do it all the time, but, when I can't, it's hard. We're slowly getting there, and the closer it comes, the more excited I get.

We've been staying busy, Gavin has some "friends" out here, so we usually hang out during the night when it's hot SO hot outside. It's been in the 100's here almost everyday, so I never take him outside during it. It's usually after 6pm that it finally cools down so he can go outside and burn energy.

Nothing really new going on, so I haven't posted. We're still around, hanging out.

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