Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We are here..he's there..

We (me and G) are here. Nick is there. It breaks my heart more and more that he's gone. It's different this time around though since I am pregnant so it's harder to deal with a 2 year old who loves, eh, sigh having tempers. There are many days where I ask myself what on earth was I thinking when we wanted another one. We didn't think that he would be getting deployed this year, so that was the reason we tried, little did we know, that the Navy had other plans in store for us.

So, for now, you get the little posts..

Nothing has changed. I'm 22 weeks pregnant and it's flying by. There's days where I wish it would slow down. I move into my apartment on Monday, so I'm looking forward to getting it set up just the way I like it. Gavin is going into a toddler bed since he likes to escape his crib now, so we have big adjustments for us all. I hope we can manage.

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