Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's slowly moving..

and, it seems like N's been gone for the longest time, when really, it's only been a month and half. I guess taking care of a 2 1/2 year old and being pregnant makes for long days sometimes. I am liking the time change though..makes me think that I have an extra hour to myself...ya, right.

This pregnancy has been different all around. I have been diagnosed with Chronic Hypertension and since I have that, I have to see the Dr. every 2 weeks until I deliver and I get ultrasounds to measure his growth every month. The ultrasound parts I like.. :-), seeing the Dr. isn't my favorite thing. It seems as though every time I go in there, I'm getting blood taken for some reason or another. They even drew blood twice for the same thing, (gotta love the Navy for that mess up) I did pass my glucose test, thankfully. I did get to see the little guy in 3D again yesterday, he was sucking his thumb again. It seems like that is all he does. I just can't believe in 3 months, we'll be parents to 2 kids. I just wish N was here to celebrate it all with me.

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