Sunday, June 6, 2010

How many days again???

13 days!! WOW!!!
As, I swallow even harder, I realize that my life is about to change within days!! I can't believe that it's so soon and it's here. I'm full term. 38 weeks today. If he does not coming this week, they are scheduling inducing next week. I really don't want to get induced again since the first time was hard enough on me, and I'd rather go naturally, and my Dr. thinks I won't need it. We will see.

So, here's the 38 week belly picture. Yes, I'm huge. I know that. Yes, he's "hanging" low! ;-)

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  1. Aw:) You look great! Love the belly, it sure makes me miss mine! I hope you have a wonderful delivery! This week should be all about SLEEPING since you may never get much of it again. ;) Im so excited for you!