Friday, August 13, 2010

Finally.. updates galore...

Most of you know that, Baby T was born on June 18th at 6:36pm. I had the easiest labor and delivery ever! Contractions didn't bother me. It was like cake. (But, that does NOT make me want anymore, we are done.)
So, here's pictures along with updates..

Last pregnancy picture ever! I was 39 Weeks and 5 days.

And, here he is..not even a hour old. (looking like his daddy)

He is the sweetest little guy around. Gavin is a great big brother, always wanting to help. If he's crying, he gives him the pacifier. If his blanket falls off, he attempts to put it back on. I couldn't have asked for 2 better kids. ( I hope I don't jinx myself tonight)

My 2 sweet little men

He does get fussy, he's not always sweet and loveable.

1 Month Old.

2 Months Old. (I can't believe it's been 2 months already!)

And, the big brother G.

So, we're getting into our routine of things and just going day by day. Counting down the days until N comes home. We have finally about a month left!!! Everyone told me that once T comes, that the last couple months will fly by, I didn't believe it, but, it's really flown by. I can't wait for our weekend away, and the break from the kids..that's not bad I said that, right?? ;-)

My mother in law came in in June to see Baby T, and G. We went to Disney for the day with G only.
(Can you believe that a Disney photographer took this picture?)

We just recently went to Disney and Animal Kingdom for a long weekend. It was hot, and we should have known not to go in August, I think I lost 10 pounds from sweating so much. We had a great time though, and Gavin loved seeing Minnie (he prefers Minnie over Mickey)

He was so excited from afar. When he got up to see them, the look on his face says it all..he wasn't so sure then.

So for now, we are just counting down until N comes home!! The closer it comes, the more excited I get. It's sad when G says to me "I Miss Daddy". Breaks my heart!

So, for now, Baby T needs food or he won't be a happy little guy.

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