Saturday, November 6, 2010

Back in California....

and what a change we all have went threw. N is finally home. After 8 long months, he finally came home on September 23rd. Thankfully, we won't have to do another deployment like that again for a long time. He does leave again in the new year for 3 months and will miss yet another birthday, and anniversary.

We did the drive back from Florida to California a little over a month ago. I do not recommend that drive to anyone, we did it twice in the last year and I can thankfully say that Delta will provide my transportation from now on. The drive was easy, T was a super easy baby, slept most of the time. G watched his movies and played in the back seat. And, I had my husband drive the whole way.. he was a trooper, well, mainly because we were pulling a trailer and me with a trailer driving a SUV don't mix.
Crazy story, we stopped in Tombstone, AZ and stayed at a hotel there and as we were getting out of the car to check in, our back window of our car shattered. N thinks that it was because we were in Tombstone and some "ghost" did it. I don't believe that story one bit. I like to think that it was elevation and air pressure. The hotel we stayed in was creepy. I felt out of place there. It just had a different feel to it.

G just recently had his 3rd birthday, we can't believe our little man is 3 already! Where did the time go, seriously?

And, because, licking the ice cream is much better than using your spoon

T is just as sweet as can be. He's such an easy baby, and is always smiling or laughing about something.. he melts my heart.

He was 3 months here..

And, now, our big little boy at 5 months. I can't even begin to imagine that he's already 5 months! Time sure has flown for us..

ok, well, my computer isn't letting me upload any more pictures.. so his 5 months will have to wait...

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