Sunday, November 14, 2010

Christmas Cards..

Since I'm in a Christmas type mood, I thought I would post about it. Do you send Christmas cards? Receive them? Now, with 2 children, I'm hoping that I can keep up and still send them out.
Usually, we buy our Christmas cards the prior year when they are on a super sale, but, this year, I thought that we should do a "photo" christmas card since right now, our family is complete.

Then, when I heard that Shutterfly was doing a amazing deal and you can get 50 free cards, I jumped on the chance to do it. Super easy, and hardly any work. Just put a stamp on it and mail.

Some of my favorite cards and products from Shutterfly..

Now, these are a HUGE hit in our fmaily. My sister used to get these for myself and my mom when it was just 1 nephew, it was a pratical gift and we loved them.
And, who does not use a calendar

Now, these MUST be my favorite. My sister has a couple of these up in her house and I love them. I want to get some of my children when Baby T gets to the sitting up stage. I love wall art

And, one more of my favorites from them.. more cards

So, head over there, check out your favorites, and let me know which one are your favorites.

And, anyone else who blogs about this, can get 50 free cards.. follow this link..

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