Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Long overdue update..

So many updates in such a short few months... We have moved from California, moved to Michigan, got a new job, and now we live in Maryland, where we plan to settle for good! So, with that being said, lets start from the beginning. In October of 2011, we knew that N would be getting out of the Navy. The life that we had known was about to be thrown for a loop. We didn't have a strong plan of action set up, we thought that we'd always just go where the Navy told us to go. He didn't have a job lined up, no place to call "home". So, then we decided that since his mom isn't doing too well, that we'd go to Michigan, in hopes for him to find a decent job, and a house to buy. Well, we found neither. He looked and looked for months to find a job, then we decided together that we would expand our options and look out of Michigan. That's when he got a really good job offer with a great company, but, the thing was was that the job offer was in Maryland. We knew that if he got this job, that we would move, no questions asked, since it's with a really good company. So, that lands us here, in Maryland. We both really like it here, it's hard being away from both sides of our family, but, we have to do what's best for us and our family. So, as soon as we got here and got into the hotel, we knew that we'd look into buying a house. We felt like paying rent we were just "throwing" our money away, and we both hated that feeling!! We are now in the pre-settlement phase of our home and we both LOVE it. We close in a couple more days and we can't wait to get it fully set up to just the way we both like it.
Since we've been here in MD, I've had my family come for a visit. The visit went by too fast for me and I miss them already!
I hate seeing my family go. We are planning on going to visit for Christmas, if everything falls into place. :-) We went to Washington, D.C and Baltimore and had a great time with both. Crazy, but, great! ;-) For now, I've got the oldest up and wanting snack.. :-)

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  1. Transitions are hard for us and for people with disabilities. I'm just glad that things are starting to look up now. =)